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Bit of love for the poor Dutch players

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@Skylined87 @LetsGiveItASpin - Casino Streamer @DrJoofy

Hi guys, finally took the step to use a VPN, but i'm not a fan :D

Of the VPN ofc. - deffo a fan of CG! But i would really appreciate being able to log in normally again: is anything being done about it?

I still use tons of Casinos sites that have affiliate links in them, it's not a problem for them, it seems. So i was wondering what exactly inspired your decision here, and perhaps if i could help out changing those conditions...

Not that important in the big picture, but you do have a ton of Dutchies, most of which still come to support the streams, but like this we can not participate in any of the cool stuff. Hence this post. It's been a good while now, and as this is the first time logging in since months, figured i'd grab the bull by the horns and see if we can speed of 'the return of the Dutch' :D

Anyway i could help, let me know. All i need to know is what exactly the issue is, or where the possible grey area lies...



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