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Giro d’Italia Betting

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My pre-season and classic cycling bets on this forum turned out with a whopping 187.5% ROI. It could have been more since I stopped posting regularly on the forum the last few weeks. This is because I still have to enter casinogrounds with a VPN :(

Anyway we will start betting again on the Giro d'Italia starting this friday. Of course hoping to make another great win. I'll try to post the bets around 8, that's when most bookies have their books open to bet. Unfortunately some odds drop very fast, that's where I make a lot of money but taking tips is a lot harder that way. I might try posting tips before the books open.


Stage 1»Budapest›Visegrád(195km)

Mathieu van der Poel @ 2.50 1u

This stage seems tailor made for van der Poel. It's too steep for the sprinters and too flat for the climbers. Makes me really think about the 2nd stage of last year's tour the France although this climb is way easier.

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No win today, sucks but I still think it was a good bet. Tomorrow Ill make a spreadsheet with the bets so we can track profit/loss.

I wont be able to post tonight when the markets open but the bets will be pretty straight forward. Its Ewan or Cavendish depending on odds and information. Ewan fell on the last climb yesterday so if he is talking about not feeling 100% it will be Cavendish, if he says he is alright it will be Ewan. The odds need to be near 3.00 to be a good bet.


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Tomorrow there will be a rest day. Tuesday we will climb the Enta in south Italy. Its the first mountain stage and usually that means that no CG guy(general classification) will will win, they dont want the "burden" of defending the jersey in the coming days. So it will be an attacker that wins. Will read a lot of interviews tomorrow so for now only 1 bet:

Lennard Kamna EW @ 21.00 0.5u

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Mollema 2nd


Not bad but he was so strong today it does kinda feel like a loss. Anyway we win almost half a unit on the day.

Tomorrows bet will be easy, lets hope for good odds! (Its going to be Mathieu van der Poel) Maybe we also do a T3 bet if odds are good enough.



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Adding Caleb Ewan @ 11 0,2u

Ewan opend at 6.00 and is now almost double. If there is a big group and not many attackers he can win this stage. We cover the attackers scenario with van der Poel and Ewan covers the bunch sprint scenario.

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On 14/05/2022 at 23:27, NeWbZs said:

Stage 9 » Isernia › Blockhaus (191km)

Richard Carapaz @ 3.50 0,4u
Joao Almeida T3 @ 4.00 0,4u
David De La cruz @ 41,00 0,2u

Carapaz 3rd &  Almeida 5th Close but we got nothing.

Stage 10»  Pescara › Jesi 

Arnaud Demare @ 41 0,1u
Arnaud Demare T3 @ 11.00 0,4u
Arnaud Demare T10 @ 2.25 0,5u

I think the market is wrong on this stage. It really favors the attackers but a sprint is not ruled out. The climb is 10km before the finish and not that hard. Sure attackers will try but the sprinters will not make it that easy for them. Demare has won many sprints with a climb in the last kms, FDJ (Demares team) will definitely try to get him in a good position.


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No luck on yesterdays stage. Arensman went to take a piss and then Bora guys attacked. For today stage all value is gone, odds now are to low to advise a bet. There are 2 fun bets that are good value but they are to much of a long shot to really advice them, but for those who like a good fun bet:

Domenico Pozzovivo EW @ 151
5th in yesterdays stage and 5th in general classification. I give him about a 1% chance of winning so this is value although chances are very slim. 

Eduardo Sepulveda EW @ 251

Will very likely to go on the attack, he can climb and is not seen as a big danger. Probably not strong enough to hang on in the final but with these odds its a great bet to sweat a bit in the early stage of the race. 

So again, longshot and fun bets, no "official" tips. I bet on them myself and hope we get a sweat.

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Stage 18 » Borgo Valsugana › Treviso (156km)

We started out great but the wins are drying up. Its looking good to still profit this Giro but with the insane start I of course hoped for more. In today stages there are 2 possibilities, A bunch sprint (75%) of a group of attackers (25%). With today's bets we cover both.

Mark Cavendish EW @ 7,50 0,5u

7,50x is simply to high for the experienced sprinter, if this race turns out to be a bunch sprint its 50/50 between him and Demare. Demare's odds of 3,75 are to low to bet on in my eyes.

Magnus Cort Nielson T3 (or ew) @ 5,00 0,3u

Cort Nielson has not been very successful this Giro, but he said multiple times that in week 3 he will get his chances. This is the only stage he could be talking about so Let's see if he can go for the attack.

Dries de Bondt T3 (or ew) @ 11,00 0,2u

Another attacker who will have his last chance of winning a stage, he will go for the attack and can win a reduced bunch sprint.

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