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Wildz Casino scammed me... Help needed

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Hello guys, I have a big problem with Wildz Casino.  I registered there because my husband said the casino was good.  But he locked himself in casinos a few years ago because he lost too much.  So I registered and made some deposits with Paysafecards.  I bought the paysafecards in a shop, but recently you need a paysafe account for the deposit.  I took my husband's to make it faster and I didn't feel like registering there.  Yesterday I won a total of 5600 with 100 euros.  I paid out 5000.  It was then said that the account had to be verified because a deposit had been made by someone else.  So I uploaded all the documents (including my husband's ID).  The account was verified but then immediately closed.  Now I've been told that the winnings will be confiscated and the 850 euros I deposited will be paid out to my husband (!!!!) provided he verifies an account number, because my Account is connected with a locked person.  I feel cheated by over 4700 euros.  ok, i should have made my own paysafe account, but it's my money, i played and i won.  I could cry, I think it's so unfair. If I had lost 5000 instead of 5000, they certainly wouldn't have been upset... Can someone help me or have an idea of what I can do?  I would be forever grateful


Thank you


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