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Deal or No Deal The Big Draw Live -Tip For Wagering

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Some people may not have seen Playtechs Live Game called "Deal or No Deal The Big Draw Live", and if you haven't, then seriously don't bother; it's absolute dogs eggs.


But alot of UK sites are currently doing Playtech promotions where you get £2 or £5 with 10x wagering so since I've done quite a few now i thought I'd share following tip i found is best way to beat the wagering.


The main game itself is total bingo garbage BUT the mini side game of actual bingo has a higher RTP than the main game lol!! From following in-game chat it seems not many people are aware that there is a side game -  the "Mini Draw" button is in the bottom right corner and becomes active after you buy ticket to main game.


The best strat i found was to buy lowest value 10p main game ticket, do no boosts to banker boxes and instead buy either 4, 8 or 12 Mini Draw Bingo cards at either 10p or 20p (depending how many rounds you want to divide bonus funds into / how wager is progressing)

In my experience, these bingo cards return at least stake money back way more consistently than the main game does, and the bingo cards also have much better chance of hitting higher prizes - I've hit multiple 4 lines, 1 x 5 line & 1 x 6 line for a juicy 1000x! Anything the main game pays in the background I consider just a bonus - generally it seems best to take any 1st bankers offer you do reach, as it rarely reaches bankers offer, and paying for more balls is mostly priced way too much in their favour as well.

The bingo side game definitely has helped me turn over far more wagers than the main game does & hopefully it might help someone else pull some free money out too!

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