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Gotten spammed from go2link.cc ? - please help me close them down.

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Hi all,

As you might know, i hate getting spammed with affiliate links from rouge casinos. History reading here:

I've made abuse complaints with sendgrid.net and aws with great success. I've actually seen that complains against these spammers help.

The latest now is a URL shortener called "go2link.cc" whic is most likely something "homeade" since using a public service would most likely shut them down due to the abuse.

Now the ISP is going to shut them down, but they have asked me for more examples.

If you have received SMS or e-mail with links to "go2link.cc" please make a screenshot and post it in this thread, and we will shut them motherf*** down.

You wont win a battle unless you fight :)





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Hi PauseFisk

I think the only way you can stop them is to change your number. The battle against them will be very hard as they use different numbers (Number spoofers) you'll never get rid of these people. I often get similar spam messages and the only legit way to get rid of them is to change my phone number.

To add, I would avoid calling the numbers or texting them back. I have called some of the numbers asking what the texts are about to find they are just regular people. 

Good luck!! :D 

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@Ash W Like i said, you wont win a battle unless you put up a fight.

For the last 4 years i have reduced the amount of SMS like 90%. Before i got 2-5 every week, nowdays months can pass by before i get a new SMS. Usually, it comes in bulks with messages, then silence for a while.

The best fight is to make a complain at the casino they are promoting. Yes, they act like "oh, this is not from us, you need to contact the sender", but they know as good as me that they benefit from it by doing nothing. Imagine if 100.000 spam SMS was sendt out, and every people made a complain to the casino about it. My guesses the affiliate might not be worth the hassle, and terminate the affiliate deal. That's when your hit back hurts the sender.

If they can not profit from it, they wont send you SMS either. To stop it, complain to the casinos or affiliate providers. If they stop the deal, they wont bother you anymore.

There are some rouge casinos out there that doesnt give a shit about the complains. Those we have to blacklist! Then you need to stop them but shutting down thatever services they are using, as long as its possible.

Changing my number is not an option unfortunately.


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This is the main problem, and the wrong attitute from the casinos. They hide behind the affiliates, and they do nothing to stop it.

They claim they will contact and ask the affiliate to stop sending me shit, but they did never ask for my phone number, so how can they make it stop if they dont know the number? This is the same story as always. Why would they want to stop it if they can benefit from it?

LuckyElektra goes into my banlist of casinos i will never signup to, amont a lot others.

The serious casinos with known brands, i never get any spam from them. NEVER. its only shit casinos like this. Shit marketing = shit casino. Stay away.


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