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2 hours ago, Dickofish11 said:

Hi I signed up with Leo vegas last nite 80 deposit within an hr I was playing mental 20p spins and hit the child on 4 reels with a 30x then a 500 x multi it paid an instant 12000 pounds 60000 x am I safe for withdrawals with them I'm a bit nervous 

Hi mate.

First of all, congratulations on your win! That's an enormous sum of money for 20p per spin!

In regard to cashing out, you should be fine. As long as you haven't breached the terms of any deposit bonus' you may have taken, and all your ID and KYC documents have been validated, you'll be able to get your money with no issues.

If you do come across any difficulties, keep us updated on this thread and someone will look into it for you.

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48 minutes ago, Wotan81 said:

Fantastic win!You can trust LeoVegas for sure.Just be patient and never ever play it back,congratz.

I second this!

Take a little break from gambling and go spend the money on something nice and invest it so you can't give it all back. As we all know, it's super easy to get giddy after a big win and play more and at bigger stakes than usual.

7 hours ago, Dickofish11 said:

Thanks appreciate it I tried to put the win on the forum but I'm just rubbish with technology don't no how to do it it was also just a basic spin in base game unreal

No worries man.

If you have the video on your device, you can click on the bottom of the comment box to upload it, as shown below:


If you didn't manage to record it, you can even ask Leo Vegas live chat for a reply link. Or, seeing as it's a No Limit City game, it should be available on their own replay feature available in game.

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1 hour ago, Dickofish11 said:

Just like to say bout the 60000 x 20p mental spin won last Thurs night leo vegas paid the 12000 in my bank Monday dinner those who commented thankyou u were right I had nothing to worry about what a great casino to do that for first deposit 80 quid I made 😀


Get in mate! Glad it all went smoothy for you.

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