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Evolve Casino borderline theft

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I just got denied a 2600euro withdraw from Evolve casino. My money is gone (except 200 euro first deposits) and I got an email saying, that I violated the terms and conditions for bonus.

So in short, I played on live roulette during my bonus money(this is a violation) which was not allowed. But I did not win anything big. 30 euros max. I then 20 minutes later, when the bonus was over, played again, and won over 3000 euros. Now they are claiming a violation in bonus, and have refunded me my original deposit of 200, and kept the remaining 2300. I feel like this is theft. If I had won, any larger amount of money in breach of bonus TOS, then fine. But winning big after the wager is done, go back and see if ANY violations have been made, and then just delete the balance, is to me theft. The same thing would have happened, if I played "Dog house" one spin by mistake, not win a single thing. Then 30 minutes later, the wager is done, and I win big on live casino. let's say 10000 euros. The casino can backtrack and see that I have played Dog house once, and delete all my winnings

Fucking bonuses are bullshit

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Sorry to hear your issue. Did you have any funds outstanding from the bonus balance before you redeposited? Sometimes when you redeposit and your balance isn't fully 0 site can carry the bonus wagering onto the new deposit unknowingly. 

Although you have lost the winnings at least they have provided the original deposit back which is better than them throwing the terms of service rules and taking the lots. 

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I only did one deposit, and the wager was done. They said so themselves. I broke the terms and service during the bonus. My win after the wager, is hench forth forfited. They basically just looked for reasons not to pay, and found one. I hade 700  euros in my balance, before my mistake. At least pay that back. I think that the 200 is just a cop out. 

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