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Non-UK Gamban?

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Hey @dispenseri🙂

Do you mean like national self exclusion schemes that are available for residents of countries outside of the U.K?
If so, you can find the national self exclusion portals and further information on what help is available for other E.U countries here.

Also, certain assistance schemes like GamCare will be happy to provide you with a free of charge subscription to GamBan if you have a chat with an advisor and they believe it will help you. 

Or, you being a U.K resident, something that will stop you gambling on non-U.K websites? For example, using a VPN to get around geo-restrictions and playing at crypto casinos?

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29 minutes ago, dispenseri said:

What I'm after is a program akin to Gamban which blocks access to online gambling. As I'm outside the UK Gamban won't work for me.

Ah, I see!

According to the Gamban website, it does work globally, and not just in the U.K. - https://gamban.com/blog/does-gamban-work-in-my-country

However if this is no good for you, there is also the option of BetBlocker which is a free download and seems to work in a similar way.

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4 hours ago, dispenseri said:

I read quite a few negative reviews of BetBlocker, so what I did instead was email over 300 different casino operators requesting for self-exclusion, found the list at Peluuri :)

Well, that's definitely one way to do it! 😁

On a serious note though, well done mate. You've taken action after realising you need to make a change, and that's something you should be proud of.

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