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I bought bonus on diamond mine extra for 500sek on 14th on December 2021.the game crash but it deducted my balance.the bonus round just don't want to start it says server fail.i have been contacting support almost daily until now no solution is given,no mail no compensation and nothing.they are thousand of casino online and  if they treated their customer like this and just basically nicked the money in their pocket they are totally robber in bright day light.tomorrow is 3 weeks since I submitted the report.imagine kept waiting this long and been left without any compensation from casino even the fault is from their end. 

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Hi @Jimmy8888,

From my personal experience with Videoslots, and general reviews, they're reputable and pretty good when it comes to dealing with customer service.
If it has been three weeks since raising your issue, and you haven't had an update however, I do agree that this is a long time to wait.

If the bonus' round will not open, and the casino doesn't have the ability to manually 'open' it or see what the outcome is, they will have to contact Blueprint, the provider, to see what happened, and then manually credit the result accordingly. This can take a while sometimes, and I'm assuming that this will take a little longer due to the holiday period too.

Contacting support daily tends not to speed the situation up, and can make things more complicated every time more information has to be added to your account with each interaction. In regard to compensation, until they know what the issue actually is, and what they can or can't do about it, they can't really make a decision if compensation should be awarded, or how much it should be.

If you haven't already, I would suggest asking if they have an estimate of the timeframe you will have to wait to get the situation resolved. Also, I would ask what the process actually is that they're currently doing to make sure the right steps are being taken.
Once they do contact you with a resolution, if you want compensation, highlight the amount of time you've been waiting and state that you're unhappy with having to wait so long. It may factor into the amount you get, if any.

Hope this get's sorted out soon for you!

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@joshnadin thanks for the advise.until today 3/1/2022 still no payout from videoslots.their support is a joke and i learn my lesson never gamble with casino that had so many complain and unsolved issues.absolute scam.i have no issues before and happy to be their customer until this issues came and i see their true colour.my advise gamble with reputable casino with better rtp since videoslot has their own rtp that suits them.

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