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I can't believe that just happened

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I can´t believe this week I´ve just had.

I started gambling around 5-6 years ago, starting with 50 cent bets, having the biggest thrill ever when trying to raise to 1MYR per spin.

Going crazy when winning like 500 bucks etc. I gambled a maybe 1-2 hours a month, sometimes not at all.

I think the breakpoint in my life was when I´ve hit a 2500MYR win on Bonanza with 1MYR bet, from there on the feeling of beeing able to make a fortune with one click kicked in and i started gambling regularly.

Over the months i would, still keeping an eye on my limits, gamble more and more, raise bets, win big, but lose even more until i realized i lost like 10,000MYR and self excluded myself for the first time.

Thinking more and more what i could win if i just had a bit of luck i signed up on multiple other casinos and lost more, raising bets to 5MYR, 10MYR and losing even faster.

This continued until a few weeks ago with numerous self exclusions, re-openings, creating new accounts etc.

Now a few months ago, my bank account stated 500MYR... this was all thats left from like 40,000, everything lost, there i realized I have got a big *** problem. I blocked myself from all casinos except for Casumo, asked the VIP Manager to set up a Limit for deposits which i can not just simply change by just waiting for 24 hours and it worked out for me. I didnt want to fully stop, but i had to controll myself and so it´s 500MYR per month which is like 1/5 of my salary, and thats ok for me.

Now 4 days ago I´ve got my salary, used up a deposit bonus and played my favorite game gold panther, deposit nearly gone, down to 17MYR and hit the VS Bonus which payed me 9900x - nearly 50k. You cant believe what feeling, what relief it was.

Instant cashout 45,000, already on my Bank account and kept 5000 in for gambling, now 3 days later i´m sitting here, having another 30k waiting for approval and now i just hit another 25k win on 10MYR bets on Don99.  

Having set up all kinds of loss limits, time regulations, I am so happy i got my money back, learnt my lesson but got thankfully!! safed on my lowest point.

Never again am i going to lose this money, just keeping 5k after wins to go on until its gone, then my casino adventure will be over.

Thanks for reading, I wish everyone good luck if you´re in this kind of Situation, I´m happy i recovered but i could  be broke by now or even lose my girlfriend if she knew what was going on, so many lies so many fake stories, dont let gambling destroy your life or harm your loved ones!


Take Care people :)

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Get in there mate! Big congrats on the win 🙂

I'm glad you've come to the conclusion you're never going to win in the long term, and are quitting whilst you're ahead. If gambling has got to the point in your life where its affecting (or would affect if she knew what was going on), your relationship with your partner, and end up lying about where your money is going, then it's 100% time for you to quit.

Take it from me and many other gamblers who have been in your shoes though, that saying you're done, and actually quitting are two very different things. Especially after you've had such a massive win and have lots of money to hand to gamble with.

If you have any kind of national self exclusion scheme available, I'd highly recommend you get signed up. Failing that, self exclude at every casino you have an account with. Also, I'd recommend putting the money somewhere where its not going to be readily available for you. Pay off debts, ask a family member or someone you trust to keep hold of it, or even invest in something nice for yourself. Either way, just ensure it doesn't end up making it's way back to any casino!

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