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Leovegas Skrill issue. Delaying withdrawals.

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Hi, this isn't a real complaint (yet 😂) so that' s why I put it here and I really am a Leovegas fan.
Even got 4th in the last Hacksaw tournament with on top of my win on Stack'Em a nice booster price of EUR 250,-.

But recently as in the last few weeks withdrawals are never instantly, not even same day. As compared to before it mostly took a few hours max to receive your withdrawals on Skrill.

I made it a habit to not let my deposits and winnings stay with a casino too long as I sometimes want to switch and play on other casino's. Now my winnings are stuck at Leo and there's no way to get them out.

As I deposited with Skrill they don't allow me withdraw to my registered bank account. Funny thing is that deposit still work flawlessly all the time (seconds). But now I have been waiting for 4 days and they told me it's a technical issue. When asked for the timing estimate when it could be resolved they didn't have an answer.

Anyone else experiencing this on Leo with Skrill withdrawals?


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I had the same issue...cost me a 450 WD and 100 prize from the stacked trny...

I always rely on their manual flushing, but in the course of past 24 hours Leovegas (my top 1 casino) managed to alienate me, by making me jump though hoops to try to withdraw to Skrill a few times in a row, and confirmed they paid , then it was instantly back in my Leo balance...this went on for a bit, and despite being extremely patient, offering alternatives (which are always possible if the payment team comply - exceptions can be made) giving them all the time they would need, they kept feeding me horse, and to top it off broke of chat on two occassions, whilst i was still typing..

Now i get they had some stress because obviously loads of people would bug them with the same issue, but as someone who really is patient and kind in chat (i even always teke the little trouble to give the support a 5 star rating and some kind words) i really was appalled by that treatment...

So i played it back and i think im done with Leo to be honest.

Hope you guys get your money soon, no doubt you will but man...that was a nasty experience, instead of the 'party' it should have been.

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15 hours ago, LetsGiveItASpin said:

I'm having the same issue, it's something to do with Skrill and has been like that for a few days. Did it work for you to remove 1 tap to cash out?

I just removed one-tap from Skrill for Leovegas.

Then I cancelled the withdrawal at Leo and made a new withdrawal attempt.

See if this helps. Will keep you posted.

Will check with Leo support later if no results soon.


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Hi, a small update from my part. Soon after I retried the withdrawal with Skrill (after I disabled the one-tap payments in Skrill for Leovegas) I got a confirmation from Leo that my withdrawal was approved. And it was in my Skrill account.

Didn't even contact Leo after my last withdrawal attempt.

So it might be the removal from the one-tap that did the trick. Or other technical issues were resolved.



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Small note. After depositing again on Leo, without one-tap, I noticed that automatically one-tap is enabled again. And you cannot opt-out during the deposit process to skip using one-tap. So let's hope I can do a withdrawal soon and will try as is with one-tap enabled. Good test to see if that really is the culprit for these failed withdrawals.

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