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Crypt of the Dead (2552x) and (832x) b2b bonuses


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Deposited 300DKK and decided to try out this new Crypt of the Dead. 
On my first bonus ever, I won 2552x, on a 5DKK bet, after I hit fullscreen Jacks. 

After that I decided to raise to 10DKK and got a bonus quickly, which paid 832x with 5 Queens. 

I think its pretty funny that whenever a new slot gets released, I get a big win on it, and after it gets old I don't win on it as often. 😛



First bonus



Second win


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On 07/05/2021 at 09:56, Kowita said:

I just want to say that I have not gotten a single bonus after these two. Its completely dead to me already, on multiple sites. I guess I emptied it 🤣

You just got very lucky. Its almost impossible to bonus and the bonus buys are even worse. Whoever made or programmed this game should get a beating.

i had 900 spins. Gave me 322 teases with no bonus. I bought the bonus 30 times biggest win was 50x lol.


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