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Boocasino - a new level of online dishonesty

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I had always heard about the ‘urban myths’ about rogue casinos. Then I experienced one!

I’ve never had a casino confiscate my balance and then block my account.

The reason? I breached a term and condition of a $50 free money no-deposit bonus. Allegedly. The best part: you had to deposit in order to withdraw! Lol.

I did actually read their Terms and Conditions. I even emailed them (I kept copies) and chatted with their agents (I also kept copies!)

Guess what? I FULLY adhered to their terms and conditions for the $50 free bonus! The bonus was DONE! Woot!

HOWEVER, several days after the bonus, AND over $1,000 of my own money deposited (I took no other bonuses), I win several thousand dollars.

I cash out.

The next day, several emails in rapid succession: 1. They manually change the withdrawal to $100, 2. They confiscate the rest of my balance, and 3. My account is closed. No explanation.

What transparent and fraudulent behaviour.

No matter - due to my professional training, the next steps for Boocasino will cost them way more than the money they stole from me :)

Be aware and avoid Boocasino.co, Boocasino.com or any casinos operated by Green Feather Gaming or Green Feather Online.

Stay safe. And good luck.

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