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Avoid play toro casino


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I have deposited 5000sek via trustly right after i open an account with play toro casino as my first deposit. The casino block my account and withdrawal button with reason i have exceeded deposit limit.i chase the support take me 2 days for them to remove the amount from my casino account and sent me an email said they already paid me out. Funny thing is money never come to my bank account even after 3 days waiting.support team is horrible, no time frame were given and they only reply on your first mail. Nothing more after u explaim them over and over again even send my bank transaction copy several time. They just went silence.its approved casino from swedish gambling authority anyone know how to report them? 

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I reported "Casino Gods" to swedish gambling authority about a week back, the complaint is open to the public but when they replied me they didn't do it  public, they sent me a link that only i could take part of, ultimate they told me they dont take no responsibility what so ever if a casino they given a license misbehave or scam players (I dont think they wanted to let the public know that) even though they are to blame aswell since we trust a casino with a swedish license, right? Swedish gambling authorit is not on our side, but what government institution has ever been?. I sent them links about alot of upset players on Trustpilot and forums that's been scamed like me, still they didnt do anything.

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1 hour ago, Jeroen83 said:

"Deposit limit reached"

Like what kind of casino is that in the first place. Guys please do some homework before signing up or depositing cash in the first place.

500 sek in euro is like 49 euro. Like what are we talking about here? Devasting numbers, lol.

my math says 500€ since he wrote 5,000 Sek :)

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@the_68they claim they pay it on Wednesday but no nothing in my bank account. Been trying to reach support for solution.sending them multiple time bank transactions proof that i didnt receive it but no reply for the proof and kept asking the same documents again and again. They just stalling

@Jeroen83its 500euro limit on sweedish site. 

@Jabsah no. So no point of reporting it to them then if they take no part on it. So whats the point of following guideline on trusted site. They are many casino that is legit and i have never encountered this problem before even deposited using trustly.thanks for the tips i will avoid casino gods as well

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