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Woocasino will not cashout 10000$.


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I won big money on the casino named Woocasino. The site looks decent, compared to other small casinos, so i had no worries making a 150$ deposit (from credit card).

2 Days later, i was up 10000$ and i wanted to cashout my winnings, but no luck. I got instant declined. 

I had to verify my account, with proof of me in any way you can think of. Passport, card informations, and me taking a selfie with my passport. They aprroved all my evidence of me in 2 hours.

Now, 50 declines later of cashout im pretty pissed lol. They can not send my winnings in ANY way of the options of withdrawel they tell me. I have tried: back to the same card that i made the deposit with, bitcoin which i had to make another small deposit to even let that be an option, Skrill, and Fininty. 

Any of you guys, that had had the same things going on from Woocasino? 

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