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Hello slot lovers


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I occasionally came here via google searches, and as I like to play some slots decided to join and contribute a bit to the community!

I love slots and prefer low-stakes with an occasional tilt with various results 😅

Play most at videoslots these days, as I really like the battles there and they don't eat up the balance while you still can play and enjoy many slots. And they have nearly all slots available out there.

Highlights of my slot 'career' are 2 hits of around 7000x. One on Aztec gold with a EUR1 bet, and one on DOA2BB with a EUR 0,19 BB.

Found out that the biggest absolute hits I make where all on relative low bets. So I don't bother playing high stakes, I leave that to the streamers 😁

Good luck to all of you in 2021 and beyond. Stay safe and stay lucky!

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