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Very fishy casino


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Hello. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever had any dealings with this bookmaker/casino. I'm based in the UK and I currently have gamban in place. However I signed up to this casino for sports betting and sports betting only, as slots were the main issue for myself and why my gambling got out of control. I read several reviews stating they accept UK players etc. Everything was fine. Opened an account. Spoke to live chat, very friendly etc. I then made a simple £20 deposit to place sports bets. I managed to get one or two of my bets on, when I was half way through the third, the casino glitched out. So I refreshed the page, to be greeted with this... Its now been over 12 hours and it still hasn't come back online. I can totally understand that these sites undergo maintenance, not a problem... However. Check the date they've stated, 2020....were now in 2021...something seems very fishy about this as they all of a sudden went down for maintenance 10 mins after I make a deposit. I know my deposit wasn't a lot. However I'm concerned something isn't right... Especially with the date they've gave for the maintenance to be completed. 


All in all, I'm just wondering if anyone has ever used or heard about these guys. 


Thank you. 




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