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Awaiting withdrawal, casinofriday


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i am wondering if i should be conserned that my recent withdrawal is not going to show up.

i made a withdrawal through casinofriday (no problems on their side, verification and withdrawal processed under 6h)

i requested a withdrawal of 12000 NOK with community bank as a method (with only "crypto" and community bank available methods)

i made withdrawal on the 22. Of desember and i am now worried that my withdrawal has been stopped by my bank, as reading through forums etc. That norwegian government might do this. My bank is DnB in norway. But i have not gotten any notification, email etc. That this has been done though, any way to find this out? Except contacting bank

i am also unsure what the difference between regular bank transfer and community bank is, any one care to explain?


so, if anyone could get my mind to ease, that would be great!

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community bank transfer is like this: A member of the casino wants to make a deposit of 5000,- DnB, Another memeber wants to make a withdral, 5000,- DnB, so the one who depoits, will accutaly send the money to you, not the casino. But, it must be the same bank, in your case, DnB.


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Seems bad imo. If I remember right DnB was a big one in that money laundering scheme? So not only regular gov rules but also the new anti money laundering rules may apply to this kind of transaction. looks dim situation atm.

Norwegians and Brits are  being shafted quite hard now.

Best of luck!

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