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10.001 Nights


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So I discovered this game for myself some days ago. Since gambling is extremely boring for germans right now (only 1 spin every 5 seconds etc) I decided only to gamble if I get decent bonus offers. Since it was Christmas time, LeoVegas gave me a couple of those during the past few days. 

Also because of the changes I decided rather doing decent bet (actually max bet for Germans right now) instead of spinning low stakes for ages, I used to play 40 Cent stake at max, 50 Cent if I was really crazy.


But thanks to the regulations I did 1€ spins and right before I ripped my balance a Christmas miracle happened. 

I managed to get my very first bonus after like 1000 spins on this game. 8 spins you get, first 5 spins were awful, on 6th spin I got a 9x multiplier but a deadspin. On 7th spin I got a 3x multiplier, so it stacked up to 12x and another deadspin. On my 8th and last spin I got two features, the random wilds and the low paying symbols got removed.


And I actually managed to hit a line of the top symbol and some other decent lines with that 12x multiplier on it, giving me my biggest win ever (x-wise) and also being on the biggest stake I ever scored a mentionable win at (1€). 

I am so happy about this, I still can’t believe it! Took the majority of the win straight to cashout land.


1767x 😍


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