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Frequent Flyers slot opinion.


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Hi, was just playing the Frequent Flyers slot where you have to gather 10 destinations in order to get the main bonus of the game. I started the game with 500 Euro balance and worked myself up to 8/10 destinations with the balance at that moment of 550 Euro. +50 Euro and close to the bonus. (Playing at 2 Euro spins)

The suddenly the game seemed to completely drop in RTP and go dead. Went all the way from 550 Euro -> 0 Euro balance without over a 20x win and guess what, the last 2 destinations were not even close of landing... These games seem to be so weird/controlled where they just lure you close to the bonus and then get the deadspins in... What is your opinion on the game and is the bonus even worth it? 

End result. -500 Euro balance, 1500 spins at 2 Euro stake, no bonus


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Another very volatile game! This game is not worth grinding.. The bonus can be very bad.
I would advise you to grind it out on a low stake and hope u get lucky on the random feature.

I think catching the bonus is quite 'random'. U could get it from 500 spins or it could take 5.000 spins.
Never chase this type of bonus, just come back at it every once in a while and give it a 100-200 spins.

Hope u get a nice feature!

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