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Deposit from Norway after 9. Desember


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RIP Gambling from Norway!

So i signed up for EcoPayz (Only method left for us) today to make my first depost since Paysafe, Skrill, Neteller and so on stopped working in Casinos for Norwegian Residents.

It was easy enough to sign up but after using my card to deposit into EcoPayz, i got the message that i cannot use that money for any gambling of any kind (LOL) because my Visa Card is issued from Norway.

I cannot understand that grown up human beings  in Norway cant make theyre own decissions. The political idiots are delucional and make it legal to log in to Kong Kasino and lose money with worse RTP and lose whatever you want on horse races but you cannot use youre bankcard to deposit to any other casino than Norsk Tipping AS MONOPOLY.

Let me be totally clear, i dont mind its legal to play in Kong Kasino or on horses but they should not decide for me if i want to play elsewhere where i have better chanse of winning or play poker on pokerstars where i can have an edge because its skill based sport or if i want to waste my money on Book of Legend or Crazy Time.

If we dont get any easier way to spend our own money on whatever we want soon, we must start some kind of campaign to reverse theese idiots.


If anybody have any ideas, please comment here or if you just support that this is so stupid, just second this. We need a change!



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Confirming what the other two said.

There is a small fee of around 15 NOK for each transfer, but that's it. For now.

Upgrade to silver level (basically do the KYC), and have multiple currency accounts available where convertions between NOK to whatever is free. For now. (They will probably change this one). 😬

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I'm not from Norway so I haven't tried this as a Norwegian but Revolut has worked for me with some casinos where my cards have been blocked.

You can top up your Revolut account both through banking and with your own cards and then you can use your Revolut cards to deposit with.

One thing i know is that they issue cards from different locations/different BIN's (first 6 numbers of the card). My older Revolut cards are issued from UK so they haven't worked everywhere but when I have used new virtual cards with Revolut it has worked. So try either old or new cards or newer virtual cards from Revolut, hopefully that can work for Norwegians as well.


Another option that might work is curve.com, I haven't tried it myself but might be worth a shot. You basically add your card(s) to a wallet and that wallet gets a new card number.


Hopefully any of these options works, otherwise there are a few casinos with various wallet methods that still works.. but it isn't too convenient to have different e-wallets over the place.


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This is way beyond annoying. Kong Kasino and Norsk tipping is perhaps the worst slotprovider in history. I love how they claim to promote responsible gambling on side, and then they have all these commercials on you could win 200mill NOk in Lotto. (haha)

Funny how Høyre say they believe in personal responsibility, but still do all they can to micromanage MY money that I earn working 40+++ a week.

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