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AHTI Games - Misleading advertisement


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Just wanted to warn you all:

Found AHTI games on CG, and decided to give them a try. Their site advertise their SUB as 100% up to "100 super spins" which I assumed meant that you got spins for 100% worth of your deposit.

This issn't your case, and you get 1 spin worth 5 NOK/SEK/0.5 Eur for every 10 NOK/SEK/1 Eur you deposit.
The support claimed the 100% meant that you got one spin for every EUR you deposit, hence 100%, but this doesn't add up for other currencies such as NOK/SEK where it will be equivalent to 10%.

I would be careful about playing at sites that make up their own definitions for well known symbols/words such as % for marketing purposes. Who knows, maybe they make up their own definition for % RTP as well 😁

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