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Europatipset Mega Jackpot + Stryktipset Regular Jackpot


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Hey Guys,

It's time once again, none got all games correct last Sunday on Europatipset hence it will be a Mega Jackpot on the 26th (boxing day) I'll do 3 coupons, the two regular ones and one huge. Also Stryktipset will be a regular jackpot on Saturday, I'll do the 2 regular ones for this and if there's a high demand I might do one huge there as well. As always everyone can predict and Swedes can join in with the links below.

Link to the regular systems: https://spela.svenskaspel.se/spela-tillsammans/bli-medlem/78aeb5f6-deb6-4743-97ce-23142c930c2a

Linka to the mega system: https://spela.svenskaspel.se/spela-tillsammans/bli-medlem/9f7fa979-a83d-4970-9e04-ce7048ee155e



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1 minute ago, LetsGiveItASpin said:

I think Leicester straight up today is a good bet, might even do a smaller one with -1,5. They lost last two games but that was against City and Liverpool, before that they've been playing very solid and even money is to high in my opinion.


Agree rly good bet, also West hams home record is bad

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2 minutes ago, Li_Shang said:

Really good! Kinda bittersweet that we played it for so bad odds tho 😛 Was up at 2.80, but however, the important thing here is that they won! Also really good for stryktipset that spurs didnt win 

Agreed, looks good for one coupon, big bummer that southhampton couldn't win or we'd be basically guaranteed 13

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