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My biggest win ever...DOA2


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Yeah this slot is crazy got reel 1,3,4 wild on one spin and had wilds on all reel after 6 spins (billy was the last fudger tojoin the party) then it just kept building and 3 spins left i got two wildlines X2 X2 X2 wish i had recorded it ...was on phone though


And this was from a 40€ deposit 

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That's huge filip and mega rare on 45 cents or any stake insanity this game. I've just hit something even bigger than this bonus it was  28 000 x stake on doa2. I'm in shock myself! I wrote you this message because I also won my monster on a 4 scatter trigger as you will see in the video!!! I will be screening the bonus in January in the early new year on my channel and casino grounds of course. Hmmm so does that mean when we see 4 scatter triggers we may see a monster!!!! Very interesting!😎 probably pure luck and a coincidence haha. The 2020 doa2 dream compilations seem to be already starting. Enjoy the money a huge congrats! Did it make you work for this huge win for many weeks and spend alot to hit this kind win filip out of interest for you? I found it only took a few hundred but in theory it should take thousands for such a hard slot to win this on 45 cents stakes. Merry xmas

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