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Dunder making cashout difficult by asking proof of Payment (wtf)


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It was a long while since I had to withdraw some money from Dunder. I was shocked to find out that I needed verification when I wanted to withdraw money. What did they need, all flags were green...except proof of payment (wtf). I've paid isn't that proof enough. But trying to get my money I went to my Skrill acount and made a PDF of the transactions of the last day. What I don't like about that is that there is more information on that PDF then I want to share. Where I shop and/or my balance f.i.

But when I tried to upload the PDF an error occured, Made a JPEG but ended in the same error. Chat not there because closing time, only office hours of course.

Why Dunder, I like to play at you, but if you want a proof of payment everytime you want to withdraw then you suck and I won't play at and promote Dunder anymore.

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So I send them an very angry message and they replied this morning. My account was verified, withoud the required document(s), and told me that this was a one time thing. So I ask myself "WHY?" Obviously you don't need that document, so why annoying your customer? I won't play at Dunder anymore.

And I also send them a second message that they succeeded and job well done for annoying the customer. They replied that I aso could send the document to their e-mail address. Why isn't that information on the verify page or in their error message. 

So in conclusion. First they want a document that they don't need. Second they have a upload tool that doesn't work and third their information sucks.

And they don't say, sorry for that. Dunder my playing times at you are over.

At: nightowlx00 

Yeah, I did that with other casino's but they rejected the documents because they were edited. So sometimes you don't know what they want.

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