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Rico Verhoeven - Badr Hari


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So this is one of the biggest matches in The Netherlands, Verhoeven vs Hari. There is a lot to do about this fight next Saturday and ill sure be betting big on this one because I think the odds are good. 


So some info on the fighters

Rico Verhoeven: 
1,96 m
118,7 Kg
30 years

Badr Hadi:
1,98 m
114,5 Kg
35 years

There has been a lot of trouble around Hari. He has been suspended for 19 month for doping use, been in jail for assault. In the last year Hari has changed his training coach but got back 4 months before the fight. Hari is known for his explosive power and there is a chance that he might KO Verhoeven in the first 2 rounds.

Rico is a lot younger then Hari, has more muscles and a better endurance. These facts make the bet simple for me. Verhoeven will win this fight.

Last Fight

The last clash between these guys was in 2016. The first rounds Hari was very strong and it looked bad for Verhoeven. Eventually Hari broke his arm and had to quit the fight. Watch @ 18;30



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