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Self exclusion? Really..


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So I tried to log on to my leovegas account and a lovely message popped up saying that my account is locked as I have self excluded from one of there sister sites when I have Never self excluded myself from any casino site? so I decided to contact them via live chat and see what was going on. I asked them why this is, they told me that I self excluded myself back in 2018 and that the self exclusion cannot be overturned and that all my accounts on there sister sites are all locked including leovegas. So I asked which site I allegedly self excluded from to which she replied 'betuk' . So I said to her I have Never deposited on betuk so why would I self exclude myself! I asked her to Check and she confirmed that no deposits have not been made on there, then said sorry this can't be overturned, is there anything else I can help you with? ?? ANNOYED IS NOT THE WORD! I really wanted to go back to Leo as its a great site! Is there any casino pros on here that can advise me what I can do or is that game over? Thanks for reading

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17 hours ago, Skylined87 said:

Hi mate. Nothing can be done here afaik, if you didn't deposit it doesn't mean automatically that you haven't self-excluded. Maybe you did and forgot about it? Did you have an account there?

I did sign up for the no deposit bonus a long time ago, but have never self excluded myself from anywhere. 

17 hours ago, LetsGiveItASpin said:

Could it be on any of the brands under the same license like gogocasino, royal panda or any of the rocketx brands?

Nope, I have never self excluded myself from any casino as I don't have a problem with gambling, I would know if I did. Weird that I have not deposited there and Betuk is the site I apparently excluded myself from. Head baffled 🙄🤔

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