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Stryktipset Mega Jackpot, 21st of December + Bomben 19th


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Hey guys,

I'm happy we've been smashing it lately with spiking 13 and 12 correct right left and center. I really hope the rush continues this week as none got 13 last week (we were pretty damn close though) there's a mega jackpot of SEK 22,000,000 (€2,2M) on Stryktipset. As the jackpot is so high I'll do both the regular systems where the 270 SEK / piece is a bit more favorites, the 269 SEK one is a bit more upsets and I'll also add a 1000 SEK MEGA system which will be a bit of a mix. I'll also do a bomben on Thursdays ice hockey (predict the correct scores), this will be a reduced system and quite high volatile as I'll reduce away results that are really bad for the pay. As always everyone can predict and Swedes can join in with the link below.





Best of luck everyone!

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57 minutes ago, mazkinen said:

can we fill one more so i can join?:)


33 minutes ago, royal75123 said:

Finns det några platser kvar för tipset idag?

All systems are currently full, I'd love to open one more but I'm just unsure of how to play that as the 2 first have diffrent strategies and the 3rd is very big, hence covers most other games. 

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On 18/12/2019 at 20:07, LetsGiveItASpin said:

The volatility is higher than one would expect, it's all about not taking all the games though but taking the ones you really feel that the odds are wrong in

Played these for the helg dårå, ans hope for a cashout!

Screenshot_20191221-160312_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20191221-160225_Samsung Internet.jpg

1 hour ago, LetsGiveItASpin said:

Placed a little bet on Leicester, I think 7,5 is to high even if city should win this very often.


Daamn u really put €300, good luck man! 

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16 hours ago, LetsGiveItASpin said:

Of course they had to turn it! Very well, 7.5 times the money shouldn't come in to often but would have been nice. How did your bets go?

I Lost like 4 games, also watford vs Chester wtf was that, it shouldn't have ended 2 - 0 to watford....

And NY Islanders vs Anaheim ducks was the most LUL this year... I had 1 on NY and it ended 5 - 5 into OT and ducks won, everything pointed for NY to win.

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