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How does Stryk- and Europatipset work? Pooled betting


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Hey guys,

As I quite frequently get the question on Saturday how the Europa- and Stryktipset works, I'll explain it in this post. In this thread I'll just use Stryktipset when explaining but both of the bets work exactly the same way with the difference that Stryktipset is on Saturdays and Europatipset is usually twice a week. Stryktipset is generally a bigger prize pool as well as there's more people playing it.

The goal with Stryktipset is to predict the winner in 13 football games, you can either bet on home team, draw or away team (1 X 2). The cost for every prediction you do is 1 SEK (10 € cents) As we all know predicting 13 games straight up is very difficult, hence you can choose to guard games either fully (both 1, x and 2) or partially (1x, x2 or 12), the cost for the system will go upp accordningly. Below is an example of a coupon with 2 fully guarded games and 2 partially guarded games and the cost: is 3*3*2*2*1*1*1*1*1*1*1*1*1*1*1=36 ways = 36 SEK (€3,60).


The bet I usually place includes 8 fully guarded games, 1 partially guarded and 4 straight up games. The cost for this one is: 3*3*3*3*3*3*3*3*2*1*1*1*1 = 13122 ways = 13122 SEK (€1312,20).


Stryktipset is pooled betting, meaning that the payout isn't decided by which odds a team has but rather how many people predicted that team to win. However a big favorite will be played on more coupons, hence lower the payout. I play a bigger system because I feel I get an edge over the small systems as I can afford to guard more games and hope for more upsets.

Even though the goal is to get all 13 games correct, Stryktipset also pays out winners for 12, 11 and 10 correct games, and the pay can be significant if there's a lot of big favorites losing but also very bad if a lot of big favorites win.

Payout distribution is as follows:

First the site takes 35% off the prize pool (this number is crazy high, hence I'd love if some betting company could offer a "cheaper") version of Stryktipset, the rest is paid out as follows:

Everyone with 13 correct share 40% of the total prizepool
Everyone with 12 correct share 15% of the total prizepool
Everyone with 11 correct share 12% of the total prizepool
Everyone with 10 correct share 25% of the total prizepool

8% is also taken on top as they guarantee at least 10,000,000 SEK (€1M) if someone manages to be alone with 13 correct. However this will always be paid out to the players eventually, if none is alone with 13 for a long period of time, they'll put the money towards a jackpot round. 

When none has 13 (mostly when there's a few very big upsets like last week) the money that would have been paid out will be going to the next week, hence there will be a "jackpot round" with extra value. The same happends when 10, 11 or 12 pays below 15 SEK (€1,5), which mostly happends when all or almost all favorites win.

Please let me know if you have any more questions or if I missed something :) 

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7 hours ago, Amal james said:

Kim in which online sites is this lottery available? Also is it available to Indians?

Hey buddy, right now I only believe it's open for Swedes. It's not a lottery but you predict 13 football games, hence similar to a lottery but with a lot of skill involved. The key is to get the right upsets in there.

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