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12 Streams of Christmas! Day #4


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Over my next 10 streams ill be giving away some free prizes just before Christmas.

These include:

1 x PS4 Pro
1 x XBox One
1 x £100 Amazon Voucher
3 x £50 Amazon Voucher
1 x Large Hamper 
1 x Medium Hamper
1 x Yorkshire Tea Hamper

I have 9 numbered envelopes left...

Envelope numbers already opened: 4, 7, 9

Simply POST NUMBER 1,2,3,5,6,8,10,11 OR 12 (JUST ONE NUMBER!!) in this thread and ill use a random number generator to pick a winner, and that winner will receive whatever is in the number envelope they posted.

Winner announced at the end of today's live Twitch stream @ https://twitch.tv/nickslots

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