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My take on monopoly megaways


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For anyone interested,

Ive had 3 sessions on it on sky at 20p stake with 35 quid in deposits.

Ill start by saying pre release i was liking the look and style of it alot, but after playing it i was left feeling its all abit, predetermined.

We can all rant all day about RNG and the science and that all that jazz but it really does feel like a slot thats there to eat your deposits on a long slug toward you 3x bonus (which im still to see)!

I had miniscule enjoyment with it and that was a let down as i really wanted to like this one! After doing two sessions doing ok, collecting all stations and utilities but with no real wins, i came at it a third time tonight and it started off well only for an error to pop up and kick me out the game, then nothing, mostly dead spins with chest and chance cards just hindering progress everytime. Still no bonus and i know it can take a bijillion spins on these kinds of games but its like the server was just flicking the bird at me every spin.

I feel like these grind for you bonus games or LEECH SLOTS are becoming to a common place on sites and for me personally diluting enjoyment and experience! Especially because you feel you cant just bloody walk away from it! Which is just no good if your a small fry gambler like me.

But to monopoly megaways itself like most megaways and BTG incorperated leech games i will play again for my chance at a 3x bonus and when it comes in, goodbye! 

If you read til this point thanks your awesome ?

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It’s an absolute scam of a game, nothing random about it at all and every move seems to be so calculated.  Two things happened while I was playing it which just prove that, firstly, when I got the bonus it was through building a hotel from 4 houses but gave me another move after which converted 4 other houses into a hotel but you only get 3 more spins for the extra hotel but it wiped out 8 houses from the board.  Then during the bonus it just hoovered up loads more houses with tiny wins, on my last spin it hit a 4 house property, then a 3 house one, followed by another 4 houses, so it increased the multiplier by x11 when I had no spins left but cleared the board.

Secondly, the thing that annoys me the most, it’s so hard to get 3 wins in a row but on one spin I got up to 5 houses.  First house was on jail so no house, 2nd one was on Euston Road so dropped 2 houses, 3rd one was on Liverpool St Station so none again, 4th one was Super Tax none again and the 5th was on Go so once again no houses.  It’s so difficult to build houses but so easy to lose them in a terrible bonus.

i don’t understand what they’re trying to do with their slots now, they seem to think if they make it all flashy and complicated that you won’t notice that they’re just ripping through your balance at a rate of knots.

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Chuff me that is pure scam! And your right theyre playing into our blindsides! I feel you with wasted houses on useless tiles! What they should have done there is instead of wasting them, bank them, and if you land on free parking you collect houses and lose them if you land on jail that way they arent getting completely spaffed away! But thatd mean we actually had a chance ??

Itll be banned as soon as ive bonused it even if it paid nice! 

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It's no worse than Bonanza and Millionaire at the moment though. Not sure what's going on with Millionaire but losing gambles at 89%+ to get to 10 spins is becoming very common. Bonanza bonuses are completely fucked now as well,100X+ maybe one out of 10 bonuses. Blueprints are going the same way, had 110 spins on the Primal bonus and it only paid 100X with about 95 dead spins. Slots in general are getting worse for the average player. Spinning endlessly to chase the bonus which is the majority of times a let down. Don't get me started on Push Gaming either, the biggest joke in history is that Razorshark game.

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