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Casumo reel race


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Amazing! tried it a lot but only ever managed to scoop a 100e 1st prize..still good, but i also remember one time where i tied, for 2nd place, and i held the 2nd place spot for a couple of minutes, only to be bumped in the last seconds, by a guy who came in after me, with EXACTLY the same score o.0

I wasn't pleased, and that was a 100 prize too, instead of 500! I did try and get that sorted but they said that was their system...

Since then i have not really tired those races again :(

But big grats dude! That's a nice haul!

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Never considered the currency denomination of the prize in the reel races, I've won a few of the £500 races and I got paid in British Sterling being from the UK. So it's cheaper for Casumo if someone wins who has an account using Euro. 

Congrats on the wins, I came nowhere on those races either nights, its a cool game though. 

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1 hour ago, Lemonsbluff said:

Whoa! Good job mate! Best I came was 2nd for £500! Keep 'em coming. If I ever see you in the Reel Race I'll quit!

Haha, no need to :) I've done hundres of races, and only won a few. "Worst" time was when i came 2nd place on a boosted reel race on casumo where 1st prize was €5000. Still got a decent €2000 for 2nd place. Was running soo good in the start, i'd belive i would win by a lot of points, but the last 150 spins gave me nothing. I dont remember how many points i missed, but i remember one more 15x win would give me the 1st place.

On monday it was the other way around, i started out just average, but last 100 spins gave me bonus after bonus and 30x++ basegame hits, just unbelivable. Never stop a race, even with a cold start, it can turn around just enough to climb to the top.

I've been pushed down in the last minutes before, but i've also climed up in the last minutes, and even seconds. That why races are excited - and sometimes very frustrating :)

Good luck everyone else!


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