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LMAO when you register with deposit bonus and hit after 2 minutes XD


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Haha WTF idk what to do now ?

I register to this casino, put 100 in with 100 first deposit bonus which has 50 times wagering lol, but it's one of those where half of the money goes into bonus money and the other half can be withdrawn. I only played this high cause of the bonus so I should really withdraw 500, that's 400 profit in 2 minutes...

5K wagering is way too much so I should be happy with half of this win, what do you think?

But seriously, 2 minutes in and you can see in my recently played it's the only game I played there ever XD

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17 minutes ago, OnlyASpin said:

Wager is doable but up to you if you want a sesh 

I decided to withdraw the 500 cash balance and give up the 500 bonus balance. 5K wagering, kinda felt like a bit of a risk and it's a very quick 400 profit ?

I'm on a nice winning streak, and I'll do whatever it takes to keep it going for a little bit longer if possible , by being careful and withdrawing when possible ?

And it's a good test to see how the first withdrawal on a new website goes. Might as well get the formalities out of the way to make sure all that goes how it should go 

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