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Casino Casinia - verification and withdrawal


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I registered on this casino last Saturday. I won some money and then requested the withdrawal on Sunday (first ridiculous thing: their max limit is 2000 PLN [500€]). As their FAQ states, 24 working hours (actually it means 3 days) is a maximum waiting time for processing withdrawals. So, they sent me the email that they need to verify me on Wednesday (second ridiculous thing: they do not have a verification section on their site, you need to wait for email from them...). I sent them all necessary documents, then they answered that back of my ID card is not clearly visible (bullshit), so I took a picture one more time and sent them - then they answered they need a screenshot of my EcoPayz in the section that shows my address, ok - I sent them, and now the best - they asked me for my EcoPayz statement from the last 3 months (I had to do 15 screenshots) - it is ridiculous itself, but couldn't they ask me for it earlier? I contacted Live Chat Support but they were useless basically (a chat girl told me that it's because they have heavy workload, of course that's the reason). The best thing is I found out that the process of verification can take up to 3 days and then if they accept my documents, the process of withdrawal can take up to another 3 days. Oh, and did I tell you how their payment system works? You can request maximum 2000 PLN [500€], then you have to wait 24 hours to request another 2000 PLN, but even if they accept the withdrawal faster, you will get money 3 days after the first withdrawal is processed.  :)

Please, do not play on this casino, and other casinos that belong to Araxio Development N.V. Casinos (they all have the same absurd procedures).

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