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Greetings Fellow Slots Players!


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Hi everyone! I'm Phil. Found this place through NickSlots. Use to enjoy playing all the old Marvel games (but also Roulette) and got hammered for 2 grand one night (though honestly through the Roulette mainly!) so stopped everything for about 3 years. And then they did away with Marvel :(

Always kept my sports betting accounts going and through Betvictor noticed these curious 'Megaways' games had cropped up and then youtube directed me in the way of Nicks streaming channel. Been watching him all year.

So I'm back on the slots, but in moderation this time (I hope!) I am a couple of grand down again, and that was after being 2 grand up from the first few weeks but that's all spread over the year so no biggy. Let's hope we can turn it around and get that big win on DOA2! ?

Good luck everyone!

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