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You could become my 2nd viewer on Twitch!


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2 hours ago, OnAirJannick said:

I checked out the stream last time and these weird Coin games aren't nice too watch. Even what are these, looking like the CsGo Gambling pages years ago? A camera is always nice too have as well but for me the games you play just aren't worth to watch.

Noted. Appreciate all feedback!

Just went live with a completely new design 

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Hello and nice to virtually meet you. I dont normally use twitch much but I am more youtube guy. Your nickname isnt as suitable (no offence) this might mean something to you but think how the viewers will present you like: Have you ever seen this GJWIWIEJFNGFJKNW guy that is stream slots on twitch? (this how it looks to me) :D  Best of luck and I will follow you next time I am on twitch :) 

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