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Hi everyone, happy to be here.


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Have a small-ish background in gambling on traditional sites after I used all the matched betting offers and broke all my risk-free rules haha.

Years later I discovered crytpo, Loved the idea, made loads. Then lost loads... the usual story. Then I just tried holding it which worked really well, then I got into trading and was OK at it.... then I found that you can gamble crypto just as easily and well, it is much easier to throw away 100000 (INSERTRANDOMCOIN) than to bet £10.

But luckily the Casino I was using gave 'dividends' based on  their profits your total stakes. I enjoy using these as a passive earner and am trying to compound without gambling too much!! 

Decided to start streaming these sites 2 days ago, then spent all of today designing my channel so was a bit dissapointed that I'm only on ~2 views lol. How should I go about growing? Interacting with other slot streams etc? Thanks :)

Just thought i'd tell my story so far.... Not advertising or shilling shitcoins ;)

Thanks for having me,


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