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Is it normal?

Ryan Pritchard

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So I placed a withdrawal at Dream Vegas nearly a week ago now for £80,000. This is my 1 and only ever big win and came from a £48 deposit so I am completely  new to the withdrawal process. So I placed the withdrawal nearly a week ago and it is still being ‘reviewed’ and has been for a little over 3 days. They say it’s because it’s my first withdrawal and they need to sift through all the gameplay to approve it. Is this correct? And if so how long would this normally take? It does all seem a little off. Has anyone else had any other experiences with Dream Vegas? I’ve attached a photo for proof ( since the phot I lost the £19,050 ?)


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Cheers guys. And I started off with around 80p spins on bonanza and hit £350 ish then £1 spins on sharknando and it rolled in over £4000 and went from there really next thing you know I was doing £1000 roulette spins and hitting £30,000+ on lightning roulette and then the monopoly wheel for a while. So it just progressed! Has anyone dealt with Dream Vegas before? I’ve added some pictures of the start 




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53 minutes ago, Skylined87 said:

Also set a loss limit on your account of 1GBP so it'll be impossible for you to gamble :D In case you want to "reset the password" you know..

DO THIS! so there is no fck way you can gamble your winning away, other wise they may try to stall you withdraw and hope you spunk the money away or your family does it. 

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