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How long does the hive stay full on an account on Wild aswarm?


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Hi guys,

New here! Last night I got the hive to Max on Wild Swarm. I then put £260 through it and the bloody thing didn’t burst!

I left it as what a rip off! However, part of me is thinking well it took me enough to get it to that point, perhaps I should put £20 a day through it until it pops and if I’m in profit then great, money for the next day and if I’m not...well at least it’s not going to cost me masses is one go and hopefully I can make that £20 back on other games over the week. I swear to god once it’s popped I’m never playing the bloody thing again (In 2 years playing slots I’ve never played it with my own money, only on free spins!) but I had a nice win on Diamond Mine over the weekend so thought I’d ‘risk £200’ trying to get a swarm. 

However, I’m wondering whether the hive will stay full on this particular casino for me in order to play it over the next few days or whether it’ll revert back to level 1? I’ve logged in and it’s still full atm.

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