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Skylined87 I need your help.


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Hi i was playing on Leo Vegas, using my master card to put money into the casino.

After i won some money i want to take it out from the casino. But the only option Leo Vegas gives me is something called "muchbetter".

I did not have that app installed at the time, i have it now, but i dont know if i can get my money at all. If leo vegas send the money to "muchbetter" is there any way i can get it to my bank account? And one more thing, my only ID is my bank card, and "muchbetter" only take pictures of the front of my bank card, but i dont want them to know the entire card number. It wil for some reason not scan my back side of my bank card. Any help would be apreciated.

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I don't know why you need Skylined's help for that but ok I'll try my best as a MuchBetter User :P you can cash out to Sepa payout (your bank account) for 2% fees [think simmilar to skrill] or to Crypto BTC, ETH, LTC as well for 2% fees.

What I don't understand is why do you need you bank card? You got a bank account Sepa (in germany for example smth. like DE12500105170648489890)

To verifiy your account I think you need you ID of your country. Not a bank card I think.

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Hello, i was told by streamer that i needed to talk to skylined87. The only form for id i have is a bank card. I dont have a pass, or a lisence for a car.

The only id i have is my bank card. and that is why i am trying to scan my bank card. The app Muchbetter, is showing that it will scan the backside of my bankcard but block out my cvc number and signature. So from the app it fits a bank card. That is all i have. I dont have , skrill, or bitcoins.

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Assuming you're a fellow Norwegian.
I use MuchBetter myself, and quite honestly, it's the best payout method for us Norwegians.

The company is reliable and extremely quick to respond to support requests.

I'd suggest you order the "MuchBetter MasterCard" as it's free after you've got some money (at least €30) in your account.
The card works throughout the world and you can also withdraw money at ATMs in Norway (make sure to select debit in NOK and not EUR) - from there you can just go to Bank i Butikk to deposit the money in your Norwegian account.

Using the MasterCard involves very low fees (less than what you'd pay for currency conversion anyways).

Highly suggested!

As an added bonus you don't need to worry about the tax authority coming to slap you with a tax bill on your winnings :)

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

EDIT: you don't have to submit your ID through the app if its proving difficult, just e-mail much better (with CVC etc blacked out) and include your phone number (as this is the same as your account #)

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