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[RESOLVED] Justspin casino issue


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I really don't like to complain much, but I just had to get this off my chest. I recently started playing on JustSpin because i saw it being promoted on here, wanted to make use of the welcome bonus. I do my first deposit of 100 euros + 100% bonus and completely rip it, fine whatever, that happens. 2nd and 3rd deposit were both 20 euros + 50% bonus, both rip aswell. Now i do a 4th deposit of 100 euros + 100% bonus, as this is all part of their welcome package. I manage to hit a big win on Jammin', and continue to play a bit more, at one point i go to check the wager and when i see it i feel like something's off, as this is the screen i get. 


As you can see it shows my balance under one of the bonusses, yet my remaining wagering requirement is under the other one. I contact customer support, and they insist it's fine as it is. At that point i was like well whatever, i suppose i'd be able to rely on customer support. I explicitly ask just to make sure that 1296,93 is indeed the remaining amount to wager, they tell me it is. I continue to play and manage to finish the 1296,93 wagering. The bonus thingy on the left dissapears, but the one on the right remains and my balance isn't converted to real money. Turns out i was right and there was an issue. I now go ahead and contact customer support again and after having to explain the issue about 10 times they finally understand and tell me they'll forward it to the relevant department and that it'll be looked into, they said they'd contact me again the next morning. Next day comes, i haven't heard a thing, so i decide to contact them myself again. I get told it's being worked on and will be fixed by the next day. The day after that nothing has changed so i contact them again, apparently it's still being worked on at that moment.

Come this evening i lose my patience and temper, and instead of being smart about it and locking myself out, i play away the entire balance (which was about 476 euros at the time) losing it all within the matter of an hour. Now full of regret obviously due to losing the entire balance, which i would have cashed out already had there not been an issue. I'm not sure where i'm going with this post but i just had to get it off my chest i guess because it's still pissing me off.

I guess i just wanted to point out the horrible customer service i received, and the fact that apparently there's a glitch of some sorts with the welcome bonus, which is idiotic if you ask me. I've asked them if it's possible for me to get the balance back that i had when i finished the wager, to which i received the answer which they've been giving me to every question, "it's being worked on by the relevant department and they'll review your case". 

Just to make clear, i know i'm the one that decided to spend the balance on slots anyways, which is obviously a result of my own stupidity. But i do feel like the casino is at fault aswell for having such an issue and not having it fixed by the time they told me it would be fixed. As i said, had there not been an issue that stopped me from cashing it out, i would've cashed it out. 

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4 hours ago, scribblebibbles said:

I just wanna say a quick thanks to @21.com Thomas for helping me out with this. Really great to see a casino representative on this site be so responsive and quick to help out their customers :) could @Skylined87 please close this thread, as the issue has already been solved

I think we will let the thread be open for all to see. Casinos do listen, and CG make a difference. I'm really happy for you @scribblebibbles :D 

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