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Vegashero verification process is a SCAM


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I have a account on VegasHero.com and maybe now for 2+ years. In the beginning i have made deposits from my bank ending on 6212. This bank is not active anymore and i switched to another bank company. So thats no problem because i was depositing from my Skrill account. I have send my verification documents like copy passport, copy address, copy skrill statement and copy bankstatement of my new bankaccount connected to my Skrill. 

The last deposit i made was with a paysafecard i bought this outside in a store. They first asked me to provide them a picture of this receipt. I told them nobody is keeping the the receipt because you buy this outside and only get a number. So the verification team told me no problem send me the bankstatement. I have send them this and waiting for like 4 days. I open the website to chat wit live support to ask why this is taking so long. 

Now they are asking me to provide a bankstatement of a old bankaccount from the beginning of my account. I have explained them i dont have this bankaccount anymore and the cannot provide me with bank statement because i dont have it anymore. I am feeling really angry because they are just doing this to not pay my withdrawal and they never asked me for extra verification of a old bankaccount. If you look at my recent deposits up to a year i didnt use this bankaccount. 

Can somebody please helpt me with this matter i dont know what te do. I have send so much documents and they are just asking for more and more....

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