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pelaa.com scams players ?


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I deposited 21,66eur to pelaa.com ( might be different to foreign players ), I'm from finland.

They instantly declined the deposit and logged me out. I might be self-excluded from one of their sister sites, who knows.


They returned 19,76eur. Now this might not seem like a lot but if they do that to hundreds or thousands of players it adds up. 




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Just now, m3evil said:

Have you asked why they took 4€ of you? 

If you are self excluded from there they are not allowed to take any money of you.. That should also include deposit fees and so on.. 

I have on both languages ( fin and eng ) no reply. Apparently on their T&C they have a section where they're allowed to take MINIMUM of 1,9€ of any deposit as a fee. That's bullshit IMO.

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Got a reply :


Kindly note that as mentioned in the terms and conditions, withdrawal and deposit transactions shall incur a fee of 2% at point of processing, with a minimum fee of £0.80 or equivalent in the players own currency. We may charge less in certain scenarios and the amount to be charged shall be displayed prior to the player making the request. By requesting the deposit or withdrawal transaction, the player accepts the displayed fees.


That's bullshit. If they know for a fact that I'm not allowed to play on their site they have 0 right to take my money as a processing fee. Absolute scam 100%

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I also signed up here, they allowed me to deposit £60.00 which i played through, i had an hour break then when i tried to log back in they said i was self excluded on a sister site and wasn't allowed to play. I asked for a refund of my £60.00 as they should never have allowed me to deposit but after lots of chats with support and a promise of a refund on numerous occasions i am still 60 quid out of pocket so beware and DONT sign up to these scam sites.

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