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Semi new slot streamer


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Hey! my names Michael online im Vzuh and im new to CG Introducing myself here ive been gambiling online slots for about a year and stream from time to time whenever i have money i can afford to lose. i stream everytime i deposit on a site and can get a decent bonus to do wagers on. if youd like to come check it out  Twitch.tv/vzoo . i dont stream huge balances usually just 50-200$ (canadian btw) with a 100-200 deposit bonus usually do 1$ bets or more. Hopefully i can fit in with the community streams still kinda budget looking but im improving each day. No face cam currently but ive got a mic and enjoy chatting with people. Hop in whenever lmk ur from CG ill show some love! Thanks.



also if anyone sees this rn im currently streaming a wager right now ! 

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