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Verification at Casumo

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I have been a member at Casumo for years and they have recently asked for source of wealth . Over the last 3 weeks I have given them wage slips, every bank statement I own, letter from employer , more passport and driving licence pics , proof of big wins that enable play, - every day they ask for something different then reject it - im getting very frustrated and at a loss at what to do - they even asked me for my husbands bank account ! which I obviously said no to. Has anyone else had to jump through hoops with this matter - any advice gratefully received.

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7 minutes ago, spanaren75 said:

This usually happens after a withdrawal request, is this  what happened to you?

No just random I wasn't withdrawing - but am allowed to deposit- naturally (!) But not withdraw if I win -( so why would I till its sorted) - they are being unbelievable- every day they ask for something else!

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