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[SCAM ALERT] Euronet ATMs charge 10% on top for cash withdrawals


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Hello guys,

Not sure if I posted it in correct section.

I honestly should have posted this long long time ago, but to my shame I totally forgot about this and only recent article in our local news reminded me that I was going to do this. My post is about one of the biggest scams in banking industry - Euronet WordWide and their ATMs.

So, this July I was in Croatia and was going to make a cash withdrawal of about $235 or 1600 HRK (Croatian Kunas). The first ATM I spotted was Euronet ATM, but when I tried to withdraw money, I noticed that the ATM offered me to convert local 1600 HRK into my card’s currency (USD). This process is called Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and I strongly advise you not to accept DCC anywhere, since in most cases conversion rate is horrible.

In my case $235 cash withdrawal would have turned into $267 Euronet if I agreed on DCC. That is almost 10.5% on top of what my bank would charge (my bank charges 1.5% + $1 for every abroad ATM cash withdrawal).

I also created a video to show you how much Euronet charges for cash withdrawals with DCC:


There is the link to Wikipedia about DCC (there you can also find several links to Euronet scam ATMs) : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_currency_conversion

Euronet - American company, operating in Kansas.

Euronet Worldwide, Inc
3500 College Boulevard
Leawood, Kansas 66211
United States

Wiki Page : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euronet_Worldwide

Note “Criticism” section:



Euronet has faced criticism for high service fees and the unfavorable exchange rates its ATMs offer. Advocates for dynamic currency conversion argue that fees, in general, offer visibility of the total costs at the point of transaction.

In January 2019, the municipality of Amsterdam announced its plans to prevent new Euronet ATMs from opening in shop facades, as Euronet "charges a hefty fee per cash withdrawal and uses unfavorable exchange rates" and does not contribute to locals' well-being.

Euronet has also faced criticism from the city of Prague, where it had installed hundreds of ATMs, several of which have been illegally installed into the facades of historical buildings and heritage sites without permission, in some cases irreversibly damaging the buildings. One particular example is the cubist Kiosk at Vrchlického sady, which has been judged by UNESCO to have been damaged beyond repair by the installation of a Euronet ATM.


I hope this will help you to avoid unnecessary charges while you are travelling abroad. Also, if you have Euronet ATMs in your city / country, I would strongly recommend you to stop using them.

Also, DO NOT ACCEPT DCC REQUESTS ANYWHERE (you may be offered DCC not only for cash withdrawals, but in cafe, shops, restaurants, online shopping etc)

If you have any questions / comments - please, let me know.


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