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So, I've been playing on CasinoHeroes on Friday and collected a 12 spin bonus on Extra Chilli which payed massive regarding it was only 12 spins. I've managed to hit over 500x in a single spin and wanted to capture it on video so I reloaded the game. On this site, different from all other sites I've played Extra Chilli on, you can "review" your last winning spin from the beginning to the end. Apparently it was too much winning combinations in a single spin for the game to recognize and it bugged out and got stuck on a winning combo. Until that, this spin alone payed 575€ on a 1€ stake.

I've talked to their live-chat which forwarded this case to the provider. Yesterday, 2 days after starting the initial bonus, I've got credited 507€, which, in my opinion, is a scam if you see the bonus round.

I've had this problem a few weeks ago and I would've thought a billion dollar company can get things like that sorted but I guess not. Lol. Last time I've had a 16x multiplier after 4 of 24 spins played on a 0.80€ bet and they credited me 160€ - which is a good result, but tbh I've expected way more than 160€ with 20 spins left on a 16x multiplier already. I feel scammed for both bonusses but I atleast want my money from the first bonus mentioned above.


What do you guys think? @Big Time Gaming official





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25 minutes ago, BoracicLint said:

Its not a scam its called variance.You are playing high variance games which can pay out thousands but can often pay out small. If you dont want these big swings I suggest you try netent,minus the DOA games.

Read his post again, he does not complain about how the game pays. But the complain is they after a stuck game, he got less than he should have got

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2 minutes ago, Orzabot said:

Read his post again, he does not complain about how the game pays. But the complain is they after a stuck game, he got less than he should have got

Ok,apologies. Yes I think he does have a point and should continue to press for an answer. Contact somebody on here by PM and they may be able to help you.

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I dont know if this helps or not, but i had a gameround that stuck on DHV once, before i got to choose high voltage or gates. So, when the case was brought to BTG and i got reply back, i was credited an amount wich was based on they simulationg several random bonus rounds, and the average result defined my winnings. Mabye this is how they handled your case aswell, but since you have it on recording you should have at least double, i'd say they should pay up!

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On 05/10/2019 at 05:18, LordRimley said:

Have you heard anything new on this?

Yes, CasinoHeroes contacted BTG about it and this is the answer I got:


We received a reply from Big Time Gaming support team:
€507.65 is the correct amount.
The extra €82.50 shown briefly in the video during the 5th Free Spin is a front end malfunction. The front end is double counting “Generation #7” of Free Spin #5 before crashing. (At about 42 seconds into the video you can see the reacting symbols for generation 7 glow more brightly than normal because the win for those symbols is being displayed and counted twice).
They will fix this front end malfunction soon.


I didn't check this back actually but I will do this even though I believe them :) Received 500 rubies from the CasinoHeroes support,

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Alrighty, I've just checked this back and they are right. You can see the last reaction in the video double counting the win within a second


It jumps from 391,80€ to 474,30€ first, them immediately adds another 82,50€ for a total of 556,80€.


Well played BTG :kappa:

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