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Monthly Mitaa Points Competition !


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hee you guys,

i am starting with a new point system !


Monthly Mitaa-Points Competition :

viewers will have the chance to be in the monthly prize pool!

1st 40 euro bonus buy game of choice!
2nd 20 euro bonus buy game of choice!
3rd 10 euro bonus buy game of choice!

the monthly competition runs from the 1st to the 1st of the month after the bonus buys the points will reset for everybody who follows my channel!

the bonus buys will be done on stream close to the end of the month, I will set a date on a chat command so that all viewers know when the buys are going to be done!

Money will be send by PAYPAL..

How do you earn these points ?

  • Viewers
    Will receive 5 Mitaa-Points every 10 minutes.
  • Subscribers
    Will receive 10 Mitaa-Points every 10 minutes.
  • Cheering
    All cheers will receive 15 Mitaa-Points for every 100 bits.
  • Subscribing
    All subscribers will receive 50 Mitaa-Points upon subscribing.
  • Tipping
    All non anonymous tippers will receive 15 Mitaa-Points for every $1 tipped.
  • 100 X win
    10 points will be added & a raffle will start for 50 points !join

Rules : 18+     Be a Follower     SWE not allowed.

Good luck all greetings MitaaSpins.

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