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Machina Megaways Jackpots


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Hi Ya'll!

At first I kinda hated Machina megaways game. Seemed so dull and no chance to win. 

Played it for about 50 games sometimes when I was tired of my usual slots, but last couple of days I kinda started liking this game. Had some luck at first, then dead spins, some wins and so on. So today I got tilted and after tons of spins I started winning. Now game seems "broken" as it keeps my balance by giving me bonuses.

Has anyone won Platinum Jacpot on this game? Iäm playing with 60 cents and Platinum is almost up to 640 Euros from 600. I know It wouldnät quarantee you a win but it seems so sketchy because this doesn't go to overall "pot" . Just ur own cash locked away

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