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Self Exclusion Issue


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So basically I have a tendency to go on the Live Casino section... so I loaded up Live Chat and asked if it was possible to have a block or ban from just that section after explaining to him that I had a tendency to gamble in that section (usually just stick to betting on football or horses) so I just expected a simple answer... yet he then proceeded to tell me that my whole account HAD to be self excluded to a minimum of 6 months. I never agreed or asked to be self excluded from the site even more with me having funds from bets I had won in the past in my account... so I have been froze out my account with funds in my account for asking a simple question, not knowing and expecting it to stem and end up like this. I would just like clarification that I will get the funds what I had won sent to my bank account... I couldn't care less for my account. I am just furious about the whole situation and how it happened. I also received the email from the betting site telling me it is a mutual agreement to be self excluded from the site but I have chat logs proving that I never agreed to be excluded. I would just like some advice and anything what will be useful... thanks!

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